Tails of a four-legged, tail-wagging’, northward gazing immigrant: Part Two

Note; This is the second blog post from Sonora, a Mexican rescue dog who has taken over the Compassion Without Borders blog to tell her story…


DSC_0193Hello there amigos! Sonora here again. Reporting to you live from Mexico one last time before I hit the road and make a run for something they keep calling “the border”.

I’m not exactly sure what the border is , but I am pretty sure that I ‘m ready to make a run for it. I love running. And swimming. And Chewing. And…I love this little guy with the goofy grin that they call Diego. He’s my best friend so far from “Kah-lee-forn-ya” .

Diego runs around a lot and plays with me and the other dogs. He even gave me some of his Churro today, when his mom wasn’t looking. I got to sleep in his bed last night and his hair smelt like flowers and sunshine .

DSC_0144My dear friend Don Diego has already taught me a lot of things. He showed me the van that we will be “making a run for it” in. It has drawings of dogs and cats on the outside and the air inside is nice and cold.

The van has the words “Compassion Without Borders” painted on it and this is the name of the group that Don Diego and his family come from . This is the group that rescued all of us Meximutts.

Again, I don’t know what a “border” is, but I guess their compassion doesn’t care much about it . Something tells me that ‘s a very good thing for me and the other dogs and cats living in Mexico.

I also went with Don Diego to a clinic that Compassion Without Borders has here to help animals . There was one dog, Janitzio, whose skin was all sore and covered in scabs. He reminds me of a lot of dogs I have known here in Mexico. Nice enough and all, but they have one heck of a hard time making it on the streets.

Dogs like Janitzio don’t have any friends like Don Diego to give them Churros and nobody treats them very nicely. They get real skinny and all their hair falls out and they barely ever wag their tails. Then people treat them even worse.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 6.45.01 AMI’m glad Janitzio is at that clinic now. Don Diego tells me they are fixing him up and then he will get a chance to make a run for the border when he’s better.

Good luck Janitzio. I’m glad you are getting some good food and loving care, Amigo. Cuidate mucho.

At the clinic I also got to say Adios to David. I’ve been living at his house since I got rescued, along with some of the other Meximutts. David treats us all real nice. He feeds us lots and lots of yummy food. He kisses us a lot and helps us all get ready to be rescued and we all love him muchisimo. For most of us, he is the first person whose ever taken care of us in our whole lives.

I feel sort of sad when I say adios to David. I think he does, too, because he got some water in his eyes the way people do sometimes. We both know it’s time for me to go, but I won’t ever forget the kindness he has showed me or the way he looked at me today when we say goodbye.

Don Diego cheers me up by giving me a big kiss on my head and sneaking me three potato chips. As I leave the clinic, I watch David load up Janitzio in his car to take him back to his house . Janitzio will be living there now, until he is ready for his trip. Janitzio gave David one very small tail wag before loading up in his car.. Somehow, that cheers me up even more than the potato chips. I know there are a lot more tail wags in his future now.

As for me, Kal-eef-forn-ya here I come…stay tuned for more posts from the big trip North!


-Sonora, Meximutt Extroirdinairre

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