Tails of a Four-legged, Tail Waggin’, Northward Gazing Immigrant

sonoraFirst, allow me to introduce myself.

Name? Sonora.

Title? Self-appointed Meximutt Spokesdog.

I’ve taken over all Compassion Without Borders social media channels to give you a distinctly canine perspective on this whole international rescue effort thingamajig going on right now.

Yup. That’s right, here’s your chance to get the inside scoop on the four-legged, tail waggin’, northward gazing immigrant scene.

Speaking of scoops…does anyone else think they smell ice cream? Or is that Dulce de Leche? Or wait….Horchata? I know…could it be that sweet smelling foamy soap stuff I got all lathered up in earlier today? I think I heard them call it shampoo? Felt weird. Smelt yummy.

Mmmmm, Dulce de Leche….. … sorry, where was I?

Oh yeah, my story. I mean our story. Me and the other Meximutts . We’re all buddies.

Let’s just say this story, our story, is not one you’re gonna wanna miss. Take today for example. Things started off pretty standard in my foster home. Sleeping. Playing with the other dogs. Chewing up stuff. Dreaming about sleeping, playing with other dogs and chewing up stuff. The usual.

And then, all of the sudden, in walk the three people who rescued me about a month ago from a hot parking lot in the middle of the desert. They made a little movie about the rescue, which you can see here.

I’m a dog. I live in the moment. I don’t much think about that time…before I was rescued. Back then I was hot, hungry, and always on the move. It was hard to tell who to trust and who I should run from. I’ve never been real good at that.

But I sure do remember those folks and the day they picked me up. I’m awful glad I trusted them.

FullSizeRender2One of them, the shortest little guy with brown hair and a goofy grin, he’s my favorite.
He smells like ice cream and other sweet stuff all the time. I’ve been wondering where he went. We had us a mighty fine time playing at the beach right after I was rescued. He showed me how to swim and I showed him how to splash with all four legs and shake all the water off without a towel.

I sure was glad to see that little guy and guess what? He brought me back to the place where he is staying with him and told me all about the trip we will be taking soon to head to where he lives. They call it “Kal-ee-forn-ya”.

Sometimes, he speaks in a language I don’t understand. English I think? I wonder if everyone in Kal-ee-forn-ya talks funny like him. But, he uses lots of kissy noises and makes sweet sounds and laughs a lot and we understand each other all right.

The little guy, he tells me that I’m about to make the trip of my life and that soon I will be living with a family who will love me for always and forever be mine.

I sure hope he’s right.

He may be little, but I believe him. He seems like he’s done this before……


Stay tuned for my next blog post and subscribe to this blog to be sure not to miss it!

-Sonora, Meximutt Extraordinaire


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